LiquidCX UK's approach

We believe that successful CX, CRM, and Loyalty strategies live within the intersection of Technology, Behavioural Science and Insight development & deployment. If you're missing one element then you aren't going to be firing on all cylinders.

Maybe you have Tech you aren't making the most of. Maybe your messaging could be optimised through Behavioural Science or maybe you aren't asking the right questions in order to get the insights you need.

It's our job to help you diagnose where you're sub-optimal and figure out the way to fix it.

Insight development & deployment

Insights are crucial for one thing - improving your odds of making a better decision in marketing or beyond. There are a couple keys to getting it right:

1. A great brief. Great insights come from great questions. Why do you want to know the answer? Why do you think it will change how you operate?

2. A insight-driven culture. Insight development creates questions and hypotheses. These should be tested through solid experimental design to get (or not) in-world proof that your insight has value. 

But you need a culture that nurtures that culture and the patience it requires.

Behavioural Science

It's easy in data-driven marketing to disassociate yourself from the customer - we reduce individuals to numbers. We spend a lot of time with data analysts and technology providers.

But understanding human behaviour is as important. Are you really clear about the range of possible motivations behind the behaviour you’re tracking in your data? Do you know the best way to convince someone to do something you want them to?

We can help you apply the principles of Behavioural Science to create more effective experiences and communications.


Marketers are digital magpies. We're attracted the new, the novel, the innovative. It's so easy to be seduced by the siren's call of a multitude of clouds each promising that only they can deliver the marketing of your wildest dreams.

Sadly it doesn't often work out like that with some estimates suggesting that one third of Marketing cloud spend is wasted

We can help you create a plan to get your money's worth from the tech you have bought (or are going to buy) rather than being saddled with a white elephant.

About Rob

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Rob is a marketing veteran with decades of marketing experience across both client and agency side in the UK and Australia. His areas of expertise include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • CRM / Direct Marketing strategy
  • Reward / Loyalty strategy
  • Insight development and deployment
  • Customer lifecycle management.

He has worked on and for brands as diverse as Disney, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Gumtree, Westpac, Activision Blizzard and GAME Retail.

He is also co-host of the weekly 'Everybody hates your brand' podcast which he hosts with Jennifer Clinehens.

LiquidCX Australia

Launched in October of 2017, LiquidCX was created by Simone Blakers in Sydney, Australia. It was developed to create modern customer experiences that protect brand's margin and create differentiation. It is the combination of three core ingredients that makes Liquid CX different – Creative Strategy, enhanced with Social Psychology and enabled by Data & Technology.

About Simone

Picture of Simone

With over 20 years experience in the marketing industry (and being a geek at heart), Simone Blakers has a passion for combining emerging technology, data and social media to build brand experiences that achieve a positive return on investment.

She started her career in direct marketing, learning from industry greats about the power of data-driven marketing and how to create customer relationships with optimal lifetime value.

As digital evolved, she became known for incorporating technology into marketing solutions – from call centres to chatbots; from direct mail to mobile apps; from offline activations to digital brand immersions; from retail displays to eCommerce; from brand campaigns to world-first product innovations; from advertising to engagement and from CRM to social loyalty.

Having led digital agencies in both Australia and UK, she has gained invaluable experience across a wide range of blue-chip brands in Retail, FMCG, QSR, Tourism, Entertainment, Education, Automotive, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Technology.

Rob interviewed Simone for the 'Everybody hates you brand" which you can listen to here.
We discuss the role of marketing agencies now and in the future, going it alone as a CX consultant with LiquidCX, and the travails of launching a startup called furbubba.