Use our experience to improve yours

LiquidCX Consulting is the culmination of over 20 years of B2C experience working in CX, CRM, and Loyalty. Take advantage of our toolbox of tried and tested techniques and strategies developed over twenty years of practical experience.

We'll help you apply those tools within the framework of your business to deliver against your CX, CRM and Loyalty objectives.

CRM / CX Strategy

We have decades of CRM and CX experience across industries as diverse as Automotive, Telecoms, Financial Services, Retail, Video Games, Quick Serve Restaurants and Entertainment which we can bring to bear on your business.

Whether you're starting from scratch, have programs in place that you're not sure are working or are just trying to get the most out of technology you have bought, Liquid CX can help you by:

  • Auditing your current programs and customer journeys and their effectiveness
  • Assessing your measurement and experimentation strategies. Are you tracking the things that you should or just the things you can?
  • Building a CRM strategy based on a clear Customer Lifecycle framework.

Loyalty Strategy

Building a loyalty program is a complex business. The loyalty mechanics, the technology, the psychology, the commercial impact and the operational challenges are all difficult to navigate.

Whether you are questioning the effectiveness of your existing program or you're looking to build a new one, we can help steer you on the right path for your business objectives. We have built 

By applying our Effects Model (read about it on our blog here) we can help you with:

  • Auditing your current loyalty program effectiveness. Are you getting everything out of the program that you can given your current structure?
  • Developing a new or revised program with mechanics built around proven Behavioural Science principles to create high levels of interaction with your program. 
  • Building a business case on the foundation of the Effects Model.