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LiquidCX UK Consulting and Training is the culmination of over twenty years of B2C experience in CX, CRM, and Loyalty. Our role is to apply that experience to your business problems or help you learn how to do it yourself through training.

We use our experience to create yours

At LiquidCX UK, we believe that successful CX, CRM, and Loyalty strategies live within the intersection of Technology, Behavioural Science and Insight development & deployment. If you're missing one of these elements then you aren't going to be firing on all cylinders.

Maybe you have Tech you aren't making the most of. Maybe your messaging could be optimised through Behavioural Science or maybe you aren't asking the right questions in order to get the insights you need.

It's our job to help you diagnose in which area you are sub-optimal and figure out the way to fix it.

LiquidCX CX, CRM, Loyalty philosophy

LiquidCX UK's services


Take advantage of LiquidCX UK's toolbox of tried and tested techniques, strategies and tactics developed over twenty years of practical experience. We'll help you apply them to your business to deliver against your CX, CRM and Loyalty objectives.


There are enduring principles for every marketing discipline. Investing in learning them will fundamentally make you a better marketer. LiquidCX UK provide face to face training or in-depth on-line training courses to take at your own pace.

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