Learn to create your CX, CRM and Loyalty strategies

In recent years marketers and commentators have questioned the value of formal marketing training. They say that marketing moves so fast that training is pointless and training is out of touch before it's even written. They could not be more wrong.

There are enduring principles that stand in every marketing discipline. Investing in learning those principles will fundamentally make you a better marketer.

We want to pass on what we have learned over twenty-plus years of data-driven marketing, whether that's through face to face training or by providing you with an in-depth, step-by-step on-line training course to take at your own pace.

Face to face training

We are able to deliver in person or video conference training and education courses, developed bespoke to your needs.

Whether you want to understand statistics, experimental design, the application of behavioural science to your CRM programs, how to develop a loyalty program, or more, please contact us. We can design a training program that will help improved your team's marketing capability.

Online courses

We are developing on-line courses for you to purchase and participate in. They are being designed to be helpful, step-by-step guides mixing theory and practical knowledge that will be immediately applicable to your business.

The first course is for those looking for CRM training - "How to build a CRM Strategy". It will be launched in the first half of 2021.